Aussie Basketball Travellers have devised a team with extensive knowledge and experience in basketball and tours around the world. 


Aussie Basketball Travellers owner, David Greenberg has been organising customised basketball tours for two decades. He travelled on the 2nd Australian School Boys tour to the USA in 1975. 

In 1999, David established Aussie Basketball Travellers, a company with its sole purpose to provide professional basketball tour experiences for players of any level from across all of Australia. David's passion for basketball, tour experience and American heritage has been integral to the development and success of ABT. 

Today, ABT is regarded as the benchmark of professionally run basketball tours, sending hundreds of players, coaches and spectators to the USA and other destinations each year. ABT partners with their groups to customise a unique tour experience.



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David Greenberg


Owner/ Tour Consultant

Location: Sydney, NSW (Australia)

Phone:   0414 955 500


David was born in Inglewood, California, and attended school in the states of California, Hawaii, Nevada and Washington. He has been providing successful basketball tours to and from the USA for high school, college and club basketball teams for over 20 years. David has coached numerous state and club basketball teams who have all achieved excellent results in their respective tournaments. 


David Loboja

Tour Project Manager

Regions: David helps customers all over Australia.

Phone:   0424 725 552


David has been organising basketball tours for schools and club teams and working with customers for over 13 years. He handles VIC as well as other customers all throughout Australia. He has a thorough knowledge of basketball having played college basketball in the United States and also in the National Basketball League for the Sydney Kings. David completed his B.S in Physical Education with an emphasis in Business Administration (Sports Management) along with a minor in Coaching. David’s experience enables him to organise all aspects of your travel, including basketball competition which includes games/tournaments, sanctioning with relevant governing bodies, flights, accommodation, transport, and all sightseeing opportunities.

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